Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Food Photography

I really enjoyed this project a lot, I love cheese and grapes and all the stuff that I shot so this was a really fun project. I really liked going to the store to choose all the things for the image. The set up process of the shoot was really fun organizing all the different foods and making it as enticing as possible. The hardest part of the shoot was finding good lighting since I wasn't using studio lighting, just natural light from a window and the lights in my house. Although it was challenging I was able to gain evening lighting for the image. The backdrop and setting aids to the rustic type feel of the image the blue cloth and corkscrew that seems like they were just there, even though they were meticulously placed. The wood platter I used to place the food on really guides the mood as well. My focus is pretty good considering how busy the image is and how much it has going on, I wish the top of the wine bottle was better focused though.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

To be honest, I really did not like this project, it was very frustrating. I did like the outcome of the project, but it could have been better. I had trouble with choosing a background for the photo. But the subject and the balloons came easy.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

For this ATPI competition I used a lot of images from last year, that I shot and worked on after the last year's ATPI competition. I was able to enter a lot of strong photos from my AP portfolio last year. I had a lot more photos to enter this year than I did last year which was a big improvement. I'm excited about this year's competition :)
Advertising - The strength was the text that I added and the weakness was that the image was actually out of focus.

Open Book _ The strength was the overall concept and it was executed very well, the weakness would be that the text/handwriting isn't constant, meaning it all doesn't look the same. 

Fashion - The Strength is the lighting and positioning is on point , I don' think there is a weakness with this photo but if I were to try something different I would change the angle I took the photo at. 

Informal-Environmental Portrait - Strength is the angle of the image and the lighting, the weakness is that there is just a little bit too much space above her head. 

Informal-Environmental Portrait - Strength is the facial expression and lighting, and the weakness is that some of the powder isn't in focus. 

Time Exposure Strength- the concpet and the light trails going around her body and the weakness is that her face is a little dark. 

Advertising, strength is the execution of the photo and the weakness is the lighting isn't that good. 

Thursday, September 6, 2018

I'm back and ready for a new school year of photography. I started off my photography class with a sports art assignment for divers. I really never have liked sports photography but I actually really liked this assignment. I think I completed this assignment with a really good final product. I wanted to create my own time exposure, by using several different images together and different opacities. I also used some different design elements to add more to the image.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Farewell Blog

Last year after my first class of photography, I learned I really enjoyed it and thought it was cool. This year this class revealed a lot more to me. I learned that photography is something that I am actually good at and that I can even pursue it as a career after High School. Through different projects, I learned what I was good at and what I wasn't, what I enjoyed and what I didn't like so much. My work from last year compared to this year has grown significantly. This year I put a lot more work and thought into my photos. I did that sometimes last year, but not a lot because at the time photography was just another elective. This year it is a lot more to me, yes it is very stressful but for me its my fix, my get away time, I let my mind flow. This year I have developed a lot of skills for digital art on photos, it is something that is time consuming, but something I learned to love. I would say that I am a doodler, I doodle on my notebooks, homework and like everything. So it was really cool to embed that into my photography and have it actually mean something. Me working harder on my photos this year really showed because I got a lot more awards this year. Although most were honorable mentions, its still a lot. My advice for incoming photographers is to not use this class as a blow off class. If you truly try hard you might discover a hidden talent or hidden love. For those that feel they work so hard and don't receive any awards. Push through is all I can say because your hard work adds up and will come back to you. This year will be a year I miss because of all the fun and crazy memories being made. From going to JEA and screaming in the elevators, to ATPI and winning a camera, and sitting around all day at VASE playing uno or even bawling my eyes out because I thought I couldn't finish my portfolio. I will miss it all and the seniors that came with it, but I know there is more memories to be made. They will be called "The Memories of Junior Year"

I really love this picture because I took a lot of time outside of school to shoot and that extra hard work really gave me a good picture that I am proud of. 

I just love how the powder is in the shape of the tutu and the emotion of the model is the total opposite of a ballerina. I like the contrast of the bright pink and the dull grey. 
This picture also took a lot of time to do outside of school. I love how it is monochromatic and very simple yet its irrational giving an eerie tone to the picture. 
This picture I am in love with, the contrast of the bright colors and the black and white photo. I put a lot of work into this photo and the result is just amazing. This piece was apart of my portfolio and it really made the portfolio better overall. 

This piece was also apart of my portfolio and I think this is my favorite piece of the year. I just love the way it look and how the words resemble the smoke. I love how different each word is, yet how they still flow together. I'm very proud of this picture.  

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

I really like what  I did with the background and the bird colors. I most definitely think that the water and reflection could be a lot better. Overall I really liked this project. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

This assignment had some pros and cons. The first location had beautiful grounds but very hard lighting to work with, while the second location was spot on. The second location has amazing places to take quality photos and beautiful lighting. Some models I got amazing pictures with and others I didn't. I did my best to pull out and edit all the ones I could, but some I could not salvage. These are photos I ended up with, some beauties and some not so much.